ASunRay Havanese Puppy Application

ASunRay Puppy Policy

Being a breeder/owner allows us to understand the anticipation and impact a new member to the family can bring. Our first priority is to do what will enable ASunRay Havanese to maintain healthy and high quality havanese for the future of our breeding program and show dogs.


  1. Please DO NOT send a deposit unless we have let you know we would except one.
  2. If we don’t have a puppy available for you, your deposit will be refunded as soon as it is determined that there is no puppy available.  
  3. If we do have a puppy for you, and you decide for any reason, to back out of the purchase, your deposit will be refunded in a timely manner.

ASunRay Puppy Selection Process

Selecting a puppy for a new home is very exciting, but is also very important.

Havanese litters are usually small, 2 to 5 pups.  Demand for puppies is higher than their availability.

  1. At 8 weeks of age, puppies are mature enough to evaluate their conformation, physical traits and temperament. After this evaluation, the litter is classified into Show and Companion puppies.
  2. It is only after 8 weeks that we will be able to know what category each puppy falls into and how they may be matched up to their new families. First, Puppies are placed in potential Show Homes. Then Companion dogs are placed in the order deposits are received. We will do our best to help you choose a puppy with the desired temperament, color and/or sex. But, most importantly, temperament and personality.  Colors may change. We suggest new owners think about alternative choices to their first request for color or sex. 
  3. Except for extremely rare situations, puppies are only allowed to leave the litter after 10 weeks of age. Puppies need to have the best opportunity for development of physical, mental, personality and temperament. During the first 10 weeks of a puppy’s life, our puppies are constantly monitored and handled to help reveal behavioral and physical characteristics. 

I hope I have been able to clarify how our puppy selection works. We want all new puppy owners to be happy owners. Happy owners make happy puppies.